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After-sales service

After-sales service

After-sales service

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Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the “product quality is enterprise's life” and the motto of “the credibility for development, service to present true care”.
The Company's public commitment:
1. Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd. will always aim at 100% quality rate of its products.
2. Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd., besides its guarantee of product quality, provides an 18 month warranty from the date of delivery or 12 months from the date of acceptance, whichever earlier. During the warranty, all maintenance fees caused by the inter faults of the equipment shall be borne by Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
3. In the process of use, troubleshooting issues will be responded immediately after received customers' 
information. Then our technicians will determine the problem, carry spare parts, or components and arrive at users' site within 24 hours in neighboring provinces and within 3 days for distant provinces for troubleshooting. For users' in overseas, the Company will communicate with them to determine the basic service time for troubleshoot.
4. For installation engineering projects, according to the condition of the project, the Company can provide free installation and debugging and operation training, and the most preferential price for parts supply and maintenance services.
5. Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd. will always provide you with first-class service before, during and after sales.
6. Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd., in line with “systematic quality management and operating framework”, follows the motto of “promoting worldwide,” in adherence to the “responsibility, brand, service” as its business philosophy, serving its customers with “serious, responsible” attitudes. We believe that with your support, the ambitious “Zonghuan” will have a deeper cooperation with you.

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