50L Miniature Brewing System

Brewhouse system integrates our own advanced technology with the artof-the-centry beer brewing process technic in Europe and U. SA, can assist the beer to make the beer maker to make beers with various flavorsand different quantity.

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Brewhouse system integrates our own advanced technology with the artof-the-centry beer brewing process technic in Europe and U. SA, can assist the beer to make the beer maker to make beers with various flavorsand different quantity.

  • Technical characteristics table:
Serial number item      Mesh tank      Inside
1 Working pressure(Mpa) Atmospheric pressure
2 design pressure(Mpa) Atmospheric pressure
3 Operating temperature(℃) 0~80
4 set tempreture(℃) 0~90
5 Media Name Malt, hops
6 Full volume(L) 50
7 Effective volume(L) 66
8 product material SUS304
9 Corrosion margin 0
  • Structure description:
This product is a three-layer structure with upper, middle and lower parts, and some materials can be transported by gravity. The main points of its structure are as follows:
1. Hot water tank, 3KW electric heating method, automatic temperature control and visual liquid level device.
2. Saccharification tank: thermal insulation layer, removable filter inner cylinder, and uniform washing device.
3. Boiling tank: gas heating, cyclone device, liquid level scale.
4. Cooler: stainless steel coil type.
5. Equipped with fermentation tank: 60 ° cone bottom, with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, prepared pressure quick-fitting joint, thermometer. The equipment consists of hot water tank, saccharification filter tank, boiling sedimentation tank, 30W wort pump, cooling plate Tube, electric control box, bracket, fermentation tank, etc. It is a special equipment for brewing beer.
  • Part description:
1. The hot water tank stores the water needed for brewing, electric heating, and the temperature can be controlled. The total capacity is 80L.
(1) A simple liquid level gauge with a length of 300mm is installed on the outer wall of the tank. For easy reading, stainless steel scales with two scales of gallon (gal) and liter (L) are glued on the tank wall corresponding to the transparent hose. .
(2) The bottom of the hot water tank is 170 ° tapered, and a 1-inch water outlet is opened in the middle of the cone bottom, and the water outlet is connected with a 3 / 4-inch ball valve and a hose connector.
(3) The tank is equipped with a 3000W electric heater. The heater terminal penetrates the middle support tube and connects to the electric control box to realize the switch control.
(4) There is a Ø8 temperature probe at the bottom of the tank cone. The temperature control device installed in the electric control box sets the required temperature to implement semi-automatic control.
2. The saccharification filter tank is divided into a filter tank and a heat preservation part, with a total capacity of 74L.
(1) The bottom of the filter tank is welded with a 3mm thick round sieve plate, and the sieve plate cuts a 1mm wide strip-shaped square hole. The saccharified wort and wheat grain are separated by this structure. A round of Ø5 round steel is welded along the outside of the cylindrical can body to increase the strength, and two handles are welded on the inside, one is convenient for extraction. The second is to serve as a bracket for the split plate.
(2) The dividing plate is a disc with a height of 27mm along the bottom and a punching hole of Ø3mm at the bottom. The water required for winemaking is evenly spread through this plate.
(3) There is 8mm rock wool insulation at the bottom of the thermal insulation tank, and the bottom is also 170 ° tapered. A 1 inch water outlet is opened in the middle of the bottom of the cone. , Hose connector.
3. The bottom of the boiling sedimentation tank is inclined by about 3 ° on one side, a skirt of 80mm height is welded under the tank, and the skirt is drilled with Ø22 ventilation holes. The bottom 10 hotplates are heated, and general liquefied gas or natural gas is used as fuel. The total capacity is 80L.
4. The three-leg bracket, the middle upright column and the three chassis legs are made of 2 inch 304 stainless steel tubes and are equipped with three casters. A 1-inch stainless steel support tube is welded on both sides of each tank, and the two legs corresponding to the boiling sedimentation tank are connected with 2-inch and 1-inch threaded joints respectively, which is convenient for disassembly and transportation.
The wort pump and the electric control box are installed on the long legs corresponding to the hot water tank, and the heating system joint valve is also fixed on this leg. Centralized operation.
5. Fermentation tank, total capacity 62L, effective capacity 50L. The bottom of the tank is 60 ° tapered, and the upper and lower rings are made of Ø25 stainless steel tube. The thickness of the butterfly head plate on the top is 2mm. The blind plate assembly of the Ø219 clamp on the head has a hand hole. The blind plate has three threaded holes M14, G1 / 2, and G1 / 4. Pressure gauge. A 1-inch wine outlet at the bottom of the tank is connected to a 3 / 4-inch ball valve and joint. A 1-inch yeast outlet is opened in the middle of the bottom cone and connected to a 3 / 4-inch ball valve.
  • Use and maintenance:
1. The use of equipment should comply with the beer brewing process specifications.
2. The working pressure in the tank is normal pressure.
3. Keep clean and hygienic.
  • Product basic size and weight:
1. Local size of 50L mini saccharification system: 1450 × 1450 × 1900mm
2. Packing size: 1795 × 1352 × 630mm
3. Net weight: 110kg; gross weight: 135kg
4. Overall dimensions of 50L fermentation tank: 465 × 500 × 886mm
5. Packing size: 845 × 500 × 500mm
6. Net weight: 21kg; gross weight: 25kg


The above system is briefly explained, and ultimately the manufacturing technical drawings confirmed by both parties shall prevail.


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