Focus , Innovation , Excellence



Discipline is a prerequisite to ensure the execution, without discipline, ZONGHUAN is unlikely to succeed.

A self-disciplined employee in ZONGHUANwill develop the discipline into a habit, and do everything according to the rules, and finally reaches a stage that "arbitrary without transgressing."



Honest means treat everyone with honesty.All of our employees should have professionalism to earnestly fulfill our jobs and keep improving, while we must not practice fraud and lie to superiors and process owners.

Only with an honest attitude towards our work, can our relationship be more harmonious, so the work efficiency will be greatly improved as well. As for customers, we will treat them with sincerity and enthusiasm, providing them good-designed and high-quality products, also, we guarantee the timely delivery.



Diligence is the bridge that lead to the ideal state, a company, that is not diligent or not diligent enough, will hard to develop.

Generally, only be good at learning, can a company withstand the test of the time, and this requires every employee has the ability and skill of learning. Through learning, employees will continuously improve themselves, so the comprehensive quality of the company will be improved at the same time.



Responsibility is the expectations for everyone of the company, so express your expectations of them and their responsibilities to the employees.

When you give a guide to your employees, they will understand their work better and take much clear responsibilities. Give regular feedback, so that the employees can continuous to improve. When the employees realize that you are giving the feedback for the benefits of everyone, these feedback will be more openly recognized and accepted.