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Question Sales clerk 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content: timely understand market dynamic, and business information, and master user needs, for user provides superior of sale Qian service; understand industry of about process and by needed supporting pieces of performance, and specifications, and price and the supply cycle; assist established and perfect products sales and customer management archives system; participate in company marketing strategy aspects of training; to General Manager submitted stage sales summary report; courtesy, and properly reception customer.

Job description: prepare sales contracts and sales of the feasibility of the project responsible for the contract changes the rationality of responsible for the accuracy, timely feedback to the customer and is responsible for the effectiveness of their treatment; archive integrity to the customer responsible for the effect on customers responsible for the authenticity of the periodic sales reports to the General Manager is responsible for.
Work authority:: the sales plan has a right; for preparing tenders and the terms of the contract right; right of contract change proposal; right to user information recommendations; reception for customer and personnel have the right to receive.

Question Ordinary workers 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content: according to place all kinds of materials handling, production tasks, achieve chores of work assigned by the leader.
Job description: conformance to place all kinds of materials handling, responsible for chores like timeliness of work assigned by the leader of the company is responsible for.
Work authority:to the handling, placing various types of materials have right to make recommendations.

Question Rigger 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content:Complete production procurement of construction cranes, shovels, tasks, and guarantees were lifting cranes, shovels, and process protection finish cranes, earth-moving task; cranes, shovels, transportation, tools the production of cranes, shovels, transportation equipment and machinery maintenance and management.

Job description::To complete production engineering procurement crane, shovel, timeliness responsible for transport tasks; for crane, shovel, is responsible for protection mass hanging objects into Operation; for cranes, shovels, production is responsible for transport work equipment; and on the crane, shovel, results transportation equipment and equipment maintenance and management responsible.

Work authority:For cranes, shovels, protection methods into Operation hanging objects are right to make recommendations; for crane, shovel, transport process does not meet the lifting method behavior has to stop right; on the crane, shovel, transport engineering equipment production have right to make recommendations.

Question Electrician 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content:Products electrical installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment inspection; company workers, laying and maintenance of public electricity system; aftermarket products electrical installation and commissioning to guide the use and maintenance work; the project site and land preparation work to ensure the normal power project site ; captive power plant to ensure timely functioning of the system; the amount of electricity power points of the respective companies send a copy.

Job description:On company of products electrical installation, and debugging and the equipment electrical of check maintenance of results is responsible for; on company workers, and civilian electric system of laying and the maintenance of security, and reliability is responsible for; on sale Hou products electrical of installation debugging, and guide using and maintenance of effect is responsible for; on project site electricity preparatory work and the normal using of security, and reliability is responsible for; on company owned power system of can timely run of reliability is responsible for; on company the electricity of electric amount copy of timely sex, and accuracy is responsible for.

Work authority:The company's products, electrical installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment inspection recommendations right; for the laying and maintenance of company workers, the public electricity system has a right to make recommendations; preparatory work on the project site and the site of normal electricity power has right to make recommendations; to improve the company-owned power generation system has a right to make recommendations; electrical safety of persons in violation of the right to stop operations there.

Question Argon arc welder 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content:According to the production plan, the quality and quantity of production tasks completed; appears in the complete processing of the materials, parts, technology, quality, equipment and other production-related issue is solved; strictly perform welding operation; involved in checking reliability and safety of the equipment, machinery, and maintenance recommendations.

Job description:Is responsible for the timely completion of production tasks; to complete production tasks responsible for the quality; the result of strict implementation of the rules of responsible welding; the result itself caused by mishandling responsible.

Work authority:Welding process of rationalization proposals right apprentices perform welding operation procedures guide right on welding equipment, welding materials management advice; has the right to stop violations of welding procedures; equipment maintenance update right.

Question Sheet metal apprentice 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content:In the master (teacher) of the guide, complete sheet metal species basic skills specified in the contract; understand the various sheet metal processing equipment, machinery, tools and manufacture process planning; familiar with and execute company safety regulations and other regulations system; it must be able to operate independently of the level reached during apprenticeship.

Job description: Responsibility for learning results; implementing the safety regulations and other regulations during the apprentice has the right to modify the recommendations.

Work authority:During the apprenticeship, the training method has the right of suggestion; the company's safety rules and regulations and other rules and regulations have the right to amend the proposed.

Question Sheetmetal workers 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content:According to production planning, timely completion of the production quality of security tasks; strict implementation of security procedures and technical rules; all the familiar sheet metal production equipment, machinery, tools, and can perform basic maintenance; comply with company rules and regulations;

Job description:Responsible for the timely completion of the production tasks; the quality of the finished product is responsible; responsible for the safety of the operation; the result of violations of technical rules responsible; the results in violation of company rules responsible;

Work authority:For unreasonable design process documents have proposed changes right; safety procedures and technical rules proposed changes have the right, for violation of safety rules of behavior has to stop right; equipment, machinery, tools and Alteration rights;

Question Polishing (manual) 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Work content: Understand the structure, performance, characteristics and basic maintenance methods of the polishing equipment; complete the production tasks with quality and quantity according to the production plan; for materials, accessories, technology, quality, equipment, power and production related to the processing Actively coordinate and solve other problems; strictly implement the operation rules of polishing equipment; check the reliability and safety of equipment and machinery involved in processing, and put forward maintenance suggestions. Pay attention to dust protection.

Job description: Responsible for the timeliness of completing production tasks; Responsible for the quality of completing production tasks; Responsible for the results of violations of process regulations and safety regulations; Responsible for the daily maintenance effects of equipment

Work authority: have the right to stop the violation of safe operations; have the right to recommend the maintenance of polishing equipment.

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