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Years and years, chasing dreams. Time flies, nearly 12 years will pass in the blink of an eye, and 2023 means a new starting point, new opportunities, new challenges, and determination to make persistent efforts and make further progress. We must strive to open up a new situation in our work.
The past 10 years have been ups and downs, shocking and complicated for "Zonghuan", which is also the glory and deficiency, expectation and hesitation we have seen. The shadow of the "tariff war" between the United States and China has not subsided, and it is also affected by the "epidemic". Everyone will lament that 2022 is very different from previous years, and they will bear enormous difficulties and pressures that they have not endured before. Zonghuan has encountered a difficult pace in the development process. This left a deep impression on us.

Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on May 10, 2010. From accepting customer orders, it slowly entered the track. I can't forget these little things. The bitterness of the past always appears in my mind one after another. Looking back on the past years, Zonghuan has experienced confusion, stepped out of the dream in this adversity, worked together, and finally achieved our achievements today. However, we still face many challenges and experiences. We have to face the reality and the future.

In 2013, I put forward the slogan "Together build the vertical ring dream and write a new chapter together". After a three-year interval, in 2016, I put forward the slogan "Building a dream and a vertical circle, and one heart will surely achieve". After another three years, in 2020, through hard work, concerted work, and better completion of the performance since the development of Zonghuan, the course of this decade has been "ups and downs, shocking and complicated". Actively adjust business development ideas, seize market opportunities, do a good job in market research, and broaden sales channels. We have to go to the market to visit customers in person to strengthen emotional contact with the market; we have to work tirelessly, do everything possible to seek new markets, consolidate old customers, find new customers, overcome difficulties, and do our best to ensure continuous orders; through product publicity, let More customers at home and abroad know about Zonghuan and know about Zonghuan. Broaden sales channels, strengthen external cooperation, further improve external publicity, take the company's cultural concept as the purpose, take safety and civilized production as the driving force, and realize output value as efficiency, and pay attention to timeliness, standardization and scientificity, so as to promote the company. To the stability of the domestic and international markets, rationally use the existing resource management, repair the old and make use of the waste, reduce the cost, and reflect the added value, which will help improve the company's production capacity, increase the company's economic benefits, and strive to create a A good external environment is needed to improve the quality of product design, improve business integrity, and ensure that the corporate brand is well-known and the product quality is excellent. Pay attention to the cultivation of the company's talents, strengthen the company's internal management, enhance the spirit of teamwork, maintain the affinity among employees, and strive to improve the overall quality of employees. Establish and build the company's safety production responsibility system: organize and improve the company's safety production management and operating procedures to ensure the effective implementation of safety production investment; supervise and inspect safety production work to eliminate safety hazards in a timely manner. The most intense competition in the market now is the competition in terms of product quality, and there must be comprehensive after-sales service and quality assurance. Systematic training for personnel, so that customers can truly have no worries. Customers now have very strict requirements on product quality, and put forward the matters that must be paid attention to in the quality inspection process to each inspector, and the inspection measures are effective. Secondly, in terms of strengthening internal quality management, each process is checked and strictly controlled according to the process flow, and the pass rate of product quality inspection reaches 100%. We must grasp the principle of "strictness, detail and practicality", strictly manage, be conscientious and meticulous, and pay close attention to implementation.

The 10-year journey of Zonghuan has described the development we should achieve. Let us dream together, let us create together, and let us look forward to it together. The times are changing, the society is changing, and the concept is changing, but the struggle remains the same, the persistence remains the same, and the future is infinite. Achievements belong to the past, honors belong to Zonghuan, and the future lies in creation. Let Zonghuan work together to make Zonghuan the eternal pride in the hearts of all those who have fought for it and received the favor!


General Manager of Ningbo Zonghuan Machinery Co., Ltd.: Ni Guangshu

March 10, 2023


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